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Welcome Back!

Thursday, 01/07/21 students returned to school. There is a delay with schedules syncing between Skyward, Schoology, and Teams. If an online student is not seeing a course in Teams, they need to e-mail the teacher listed on the schedule in Skyward through Microsoft Outlook and/or Schoology.

Ms. Lewis has working diligently to get all students with P-TECH teachers. If a student does not specifically have a P-TECH teacher it is due to the limitations of the dual modes of learning and the needs of the campus. Even though the teacher is non-P-TECH the course is still the same.

If a student is missing a class, has a duplicate class, or does not have a class they should have from last semester, contact the P-TECH counselor Ms. Lewis (ira.lynn@fortbendisd.com). No other schedule change requests will be considered at this time.

Course Failure Meetings

Students who did not have success in one or more classes will be meeting with Ms. Lewis and Ms. Towns some time during 1/11/21 - 1/19/21. Parents will be invited to the meeting as well and follow-up action plans will be sent after the meeting as well.

Students will be called out of class to attend and are responsible for any missed work. Students are expected to return to class after the meeting, whether it be online or face-to-face. Specific e-mails will be sent out to students and parents about meetings shortly.

Review of Student and Parent Expectations for the Program

  • Students are expected to attend all classes, whether online or face-to-face, and earn a passing grade.
  • Students must login and look at course content and material daily in Schoology (and Canvas for sophomore students).
  • Students are expected to e-mail their teacher with any questions about the class, including assignments, grades, or class concerns. They can e-mail the teacher via Outlook and Schoology.
  • Parents need to check student grades and work in Skyward and Schoology 2-3 times a week, and speak to the student about contacting the teacher for assistance.
  • Parents are to contact teachers with concerns or questions after the student has reached out and self-advocated for themselves.
  • Although camera's being on is not required, we highly suggest parents enforcing it as a requirement for students that have selected online as the mode of learning. Having the camera on will allow the teacher to ensure the student is engaged, observe student behavior and identify when students are confused or need assistance, and encourages the students to participate.

Night School for Original or Remedial Credit

Students who would like to take courses to work ahead in their course work, or need to catch up due to failing a course, can do so through the night school program at Progressive High School.

This program is only offered through a face-to-face mode of learning, two days of the week (depending on the course) from 5pm - 7:30pm. There is a cost for the courses, and it varies depending on the course and family income. If you are interested in the program, refer to the documents provided below. If you have any questions about the registration process or courses to take, please contact Ms. Lewis (ira.lynn@fortbendisd.com).

Registration for Session 1A (February 1-March 11) ends January 23rd, with late registration ending on January 26th.

Registration for Session 2B (April 5- May 13) ends March 6th, with late registration ending on March 30th.

HCC Classes Start SOON!

Students are enrolled in the courses by the P-TECH counselor and HCC, and students will access their information through My Eagle and Canvas. Below is an attachment that will assist students with logging in and attending class.

Students must login to look at their schedule and know what teacher they have and when to go to class. More information will specifically be sent out to students this week.

P-TECH @ L.V. Hightower HS

Inspiring and equipping students to pursue one of two Health Science Associate of Applied Science degrees in Health Information Technology or Histologic Technician.