September 19th

BIG 3 Updates

PBIS - WOW! So far we have recorded 19,163 acknowledgements! Great job!!! Please be sure to complete the short survey sent by Leigh. The PBIS team will be meeting in October to discuss our progress so far and plan next steps. Your feedback is critical to keeping the momentum we have built going.

Grading - We are working on plans for the early release on October 3rd. One of the opportunities that day will be devoted to deepening our understanding regarding grading and practicing some skills related to the system. Please let Phil know if there are any specific areas of the grading system on which you want us to focus.

Technology - THANK YOU to Joyce Treml, Jen Wagner-Myers and Kristin for helping to put together and deliver a workshop for parents about the iPads. We had about 60 families attend to learn about iPad basics, take a tour of the Apps that are on the iPads and get some answers to frequently asked questions. The presentation will be posted on our webpage soon for families that couldn't attend.

Speaking of iPads...we are nearly there! I couldn't be more impressed with the way you have responded as a staff to the iPad difficulties this year. As I walk into classrooms, I am seeing that you are beginning to be able to utilize the technology for learning - which is great! Let us know of any lingering issues and congratulations for your perseverance and patience.

Writing Assessment

A special thank you to our fifth grade houses for participating in the Writing Research Assessment. The test booklets and proctor instructions will be in Kristin’s office organized by house starting MONDAY morning. If possible, please conduct the writing assessment with the fifth grade students Monday through Thursday, September 22-25. When the writing samples are completed please bring ALL testing materials to the office to be packaged and returned to Measured Progress. Thank you for “thinking outside the box” and helping us make this happen.

Safe Routes to School

As part of a grant written by the Village of Howard, Lineville has been selected as one of three Howard-Suamico schools to participate in Safe Routes to Schools. As a requirement of the grant, we will need to have a safety presentation for fifth graders during their lunch hours and they will receive more information during one of their phys. ed classes. Students will also be informed of a Safe Route to School day on October 8th, which encourages them to walk or ride their bike to school that day.

MAP Testing

Lineville Students will be running an all school testing schedule on October 1-2, with in-house make-ups on October 3. The following are links to the proposed schedule:

Please look over the schedule(s) and familiarize yourself with the times. Also, please attend one or more of the Professional Learning opportunities on “Casper Focus” and “Setting up the Map Test” for students. Thank you in advance for your work to make this new MAP testing process successful.

Fire Drills

Please review the expectations for fire drill procedures. Remind students to Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

Be Safe: walking quietly out the building, keep hands and feet to themselves, listen for announcements

Be Respectful: Follow instructions of the staff member they are with, stand quietly while all lines are checked for students

Be Responsible: Leave the building to the assigned area in a quick and safe manner

Phil's Schedule

Phil will be out of the building all next week (September 22nd - 26th). Kristin will be in and available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise.


It is now OK to park on the gravel on the East side of the building. If you do park on the East side, please be sure to pull all the way forward onto the gravel to allow enough room for the busses to get through.


Here is the ALICE PRESENTATION we showed at our September Staff Meeting. You can also find it posted on the new Lineville Staff Information Schoology Course.

On a Personal Note...

I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your professionalism and respectful attitude at the meeting yesterday. Your encouragement throughout the day and demeanor throughout the meeting meant more to me than you may know and deepened the already incredible respect and admiration that I have for you as a staff. I am very grateful and wanted you to know how much it meant to me. Have a great weekend.