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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came by and talked with me Friday. Every conversation was kind and helpful and I'm working on organizing some immediate adjustments as well as long term. I walked away feeling rejuvenated and proud that I get to work with such amazing people every day. My goal is to take this week to get a game plan, get feedback and then communicate. If you didn't have a chance to talk with me on Friday but would still like to, please feel free to see me this week. I'd love to hear what anyone else wants to share. Thank you.

This Week...

Monday- Mike Ebert subbing. Susan out observing incoming special education Kindergarten students with Dianne and Danielle.

Tuesday- Faculty Meeting 7:30a.m. in Room 211. Agenda will be sent. Spelling Bee at Harris at 6:30p.m.

Wednesday- Turn names of retention candidates into Sue or Jean so they can prepare letters for mailing.

Friday- Family Time 9:00-9:30. Retention letters mailed to parents (for students who are possible candidates for retention).


January 27- Kathy Mische

January 30- Cathi Chandler

Next Week...

Tuesday- LT Meeting 7:45a.m. in library. Marzano training, Teaching for Complex Thinking- Reeh /Morris / Adams attending.

Wednesday- Administrator's Meeting at Central Office, Susan out.

Thursday- PTO 6:30p.m.