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Happening Now!

King Tutankhamen (first named Tutankhaten) has recently died in a chariot accident. Doctors think this was caused by malaria in the wound. He died at 18 years old. His tomb is decorated with art and is not available for public viewing yet.

Did Thutmosee III Really Kill Hatshepsut?

We investigate the truth we have been missing.

The Army thinks that they are narrowing in on a suspect, that is thought to have killed Hatshepsut. Thutmose III says that he did not hire anyone to kill his half-sister, but has ordered the search to find out what truly has happened.



-Needs at least 10 students.

-Free admission

-Located in the local temple

-Sorry, no girls allowed

A Look Back At The Past

Sunday, May 13th 525 at 12am-11:45pm

Thebes, Egypt

We will look back at all the glory of Egypt. Revisit the pyramids, look back at Ahmose, and grieve Pharaoh Tutankhamen.

Selling a Chariot

Chariot for sale. Do you want it? Only 500 bushels of wheat!

Call Me

Do you have debt to pay off? If so, call me. I can settle your claim for less than you need to pay

Egypt Predictions

What will happen to Egypt in the next few years? Let us ask the people of what they think will happen.

King Ramses I

We got a chance to speak with Ramses I here is what he said, " I think that Egypt will stay forever because, I am a god after all, and I would watch over my people."