Miss Werner's Newsletter

May 6th, 2016


This week in Science we concluded our kindergarten plant experiment. All four kindergarten classes met to discuss the results from our experiment.


  • Mrs. Mock's Class (water, sun) - The plant grew.
  • Miss Werner's Class (no water, no sun) - The plant did not grow.
  • Ms. Reddekopp's Class (with water, no sun) - The plant did not grow.
  • Miss Mixon's Class (no water, no sun) - The plant did not grow.

Memory Books

This week we started working on our memory books! Each child is creating a book to help them remember all of the great memories they had in kindergarten. They are also writing a letter to each of their friends in the class. These memory books will go home after our end of the year celebration.

Math Workshop

This week in Math Workshop your child finished unit 14 which focused on shapes. We spent the last few days of this unit focusing on our 3D shapes and discussing their flat surfaces. We started our final math unit today!

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What did you write about in your memory book this week?
  • Have your child read a book to you and pick a character. What are the internal and external traits of your character?
  • What habit did you work on at school this week?
  • Go for a shape hunt in your community. Can you find 2D adn 3D shapes?


Monday, May 9th: C Day (Library)

Tuesday, May 10th: D Day (Music/PE)

Wednesday, May 11th: A Day (Art)

Thursday, May 12th: B Day (Music/PE)

Friday, May 13th: C Day (Library)

End of the Year Celebration

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