Puppy Pound Update

January 10th - January 15th

3D Shape Hunt!

This week we talked about 3D shapes! We talked about how to identify the 3D shapes vs. 2D shapes, and can even identify their attributes! During class we went exploring around the classroom for objects that were 3D. It was so exciting to see all the 3D shapes during our shape hunt.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout the week, we have been discussing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and all the wonderful things he has done. We read out scholastic news about his "I Have a Dream Speech", and even got to write our own dreams. On Wednesday, our 5th grade buddies came to join our class in the discussion. We taught our buddies all about how Dr. King Jr. respected everyone. We worked together to create posters on how we could be like him and respect everyone around us.
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Top Dog - Evie

This week, Evie was our top dog! Evie loes to swim and dance. She also loves to play at home with her sister. Her favorite song is Bad Blood by Taylor Swift! :)

Hello 1st grade families! This is Miss Calcagno, or Miss C., and I am so excited to be a part of your child's first grade experience! They have all been so helpful with teaching me some of the activities they do on a daily basis. This week they were all so welcoming, and I am beyond excited for next week. Also, I now have a Woodridge 68 email! It is as followed: calcagnon@woodridge68.org

To the bottom you will see my two puppies, Wyle and Stella!

This is Wyle! He is a cattle dog mix! He was rescued from the Naperville Humane Society in 2011.
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This is Stella! She is a Blue Heeler Cattle Dog. She was rescued from a cattle dog rescue agency all the way in Nashville! This little cutie joined the Calcagno household in May 2015.
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