By: Mike Lupica

Jake Cullen

The youngest of the two Cullen brothers, Jake struggled to get any attention from his dad and from the coaches. He didn't believe he was good enough to be a varsity quarterback but everyone in the large town of Granger did. Why? Because of his NFL dad Troy Cullen and his older brother who was starter for a top 5 college team as a freshman had brought home plenty of Championships. Everyone expected things Jake didn't have. The only reason he still played was because of his family and his two friends Bear and Nate.

Wyatt Cullen

Wyatt is the oldest of the Cullen brothers. He is a starting quarterback for the Texas Longhorns and he is a freshman. During the book he leads the 'Horns to the top 5 in the country. Before his college career he was the quarterback for the Granger Cowboys and led his team to many Championship titles which was very hard to do in Texas. The town of Granger was very series about there football and was very series about this kid.

Troy Cullen

Troy Cullen was the father and the first Cullen of the town. He made it all the way to the NFL but was told his career was done after his third cuncusion in a spand of two years. Jake has a hard time with his dad. Troy believes he treats both boys equally but goes to all of Wyatt's games and doesn't care about Jake. Whenever Jake makes a good play or does something right, in the eyes of his fathers he was ok. One scene in the book describes this when Jake has a huge game but his dad only focused on the negatives and questioned his throwing motion.

Coach Jessop

Coach Jessop was the Quarterback coach for the Granger Cowboys. He was the man who made Jakes confidence rise. After a practice he met with Jake. He thought him a new throwing motion and talked with him about what a good QB did. They started to do this every practice and Jakes arm got stronger and more precise. But what was most important was his brain. On the field Jake would almost be able to read any defense. He did this by watching a ton of film on the other teams defense. Coach Jessop was the reason for Jakes success.

The quote that describes his relationship with his dad

“I think I get it,” Jake said. “The game Wyatt hasn’t even played yet was more important than the one I was playing right in front of him.” -Jake Cullen


QB1 was a great realistic-fiction book by Mike Lupica. It showed how the life of the Maine character Jake Cullen was like on the field and off. On the field it was his freshman year in high school. He had huge shoes to fill after his brother, Wyatt had just won the championship and had a uill scalership to Texas University. Jake didn't believe he had what it took to be a starting quarterback. His two best friends did. He was the third string QB behind senior Tim Mathers and junior Casey Lindell. In the first game of the season that would all change though. When Tim Mathers goes to make a open field cut and tears his ACL. Casey Lindell takes the field next, he is absolutely horrible and puts them in a 28-0 hole where they will have no chance at coming back. Coach puts Jake in for the last drive telling him, "Let's see what you got." Jake delivers with a great drive called off with a touchdown. Suddenly the Granger Cowboys have a QB controversy on there hands.

Off the field Jake had his own problems with his dad and the girl he liked who was the head cheerleader named Sarah. His dad didn't give him the attention he gave his older brother and Sarah almost seemed to think he was invisible. When he was fighting for the QB job his confidence and bravery grew tremendously. By the end of the book he has won the state Championship, and had a great relationship with his dad and Sarah. He was the new star of the town even though he was only a freshman.

Mike Lupica

Mike Lupica is definitely one of my favorite authors. Between him, Tim Green and Rick Riordan I have read some of the best books ever. He writes mostly all sports books and they all have gotten my head jammed in the book for hours. He has toughs me how to become a better writer and reading his books has made me a better reader. He was named the best middle school writer and he is a writer for the New York Times.

From the book- “MIKE LUPICA has been called “the greatest sports writer for middle school readers.” He is the author of multiple bestselling books, including Heat, Travel Team, Million-Dollar Throw, and The Underdogs. As a sports columnist for New York’s Daily News, a host of his own show on ESPN Radio, and a weekly member of ESPN’s The Sports Reporters, which is televised nationally, he has proven that he can write for and speak to sports fans of all ages and stripes.

Mr. Lupica lives in Connecticut with his wife and their four children.”

Project done by: Colton Cunningham