Smith Class Newsletter

September 8, 2015

Welcome to Third Grade!

We have had a great start to third grade so far! This newsletter will give you information about the week. Listed with be the skills the students are working on, birthdays for the month, upcoming tests, and general reminders.

This Week's Skills:

Reading/Language Arts

Story: Charlie McButton

  • Comprehension: Literary Elements
  • Vocabulary: Homonyms
  • Phonics: VC/CV syllable pattern
  • Grammar: Sentences
  • Fluency practice

*Spelling test is always on the same day that Family Times is due. Family times is due next Wednesday 9/16. Please make a plan with you child to do a little each night.


Unit 1: Math Tools, Time, and Multiplication

  • Number grids
  • Introducing the Student Reference Book
  • Tools for Math

Homework will begin this week. Students only need to bring the home link sheet to school. The home link book can stay at home.

Social Studies

  • How to read a text book
  • Using text features

Contact Mrs. Smith

Harlem Wizards Game - PTO fundraiser

Sunday, Oct. 18th, 6pm

1228 North 5th Street

Perkasie, PA