Keller HS English II Pre-AP

Erin Mathews, M.Ed.

First Semester Update

Hello Everyone!

We are nearing the end of the first semester and the break is in sight! I have enjoyed this group of students and uncovering the large amount of potential they have in English. During class we have been working to develop and advance our reading and writing skills for multiple genres which we will continue to hone through the year.

Synthesis and analysis will be continued as we begin our layered literature study. Every student will be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream and one other title that they will select after break. I strongly encourage students to purchase their own copy of the book to allow them to write/annotate in the book. If you will be purchasing your student a copy of the printed book or digital book, I am fine with all unabridged copies. Please do not purchase the No Fear Shakespeare titles due to the inaccuracies in translation. I do have some school copies available for use and a pdf available on my website; however, all annotating will need to be completed with sticky notes. I have notified Barnes & Nobel and Half Price Books that we will be starting this drama piece in January to help with inventory. If you have an extra copy or would like to donate a copy to the class, then please send it with your student. Students will be selecting the second title when we return from break and we will begin reading both titles on January 19th.

I would like to thank you again for your support of the class and your students!

Erin Mathews, M.Ed.

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Quick Review: Where can I find information?

Check the class google site for class updates, how to videos, class core documents, class calendar (for absent/make up work/planning ahead), and more. Please encourage your student to check this site frequently, too.

This page also includes a 'Help for Class Technology' tab. This tab includes login instructions/assistance to the sites we will be using this year and videos to help with other steps in the process. We spent a day in the library setting up all of our class technology- step-by-step-to help streamline the process for you and your student.


  • Students are responsible for checking the website calendar for their make up work.
  • Students have TWO days to complete their make up work.
  • Students can attend tutorials to make up tests, timed writings, and quizzes with any English II PAP teacher.
  • Tutorial calendar is on my website and posted outside of all English II teachers' doors.
  • All absent work is turned in to the 'Late Work' bin hanging on the side white board with a completed 'absent slip'. (Absent slips can be found in the green bin located on the student table in the folder labeled: absent slips.)

Interested in seeing the world? There is still time to reserve your spot.

Information is available regarding a late June - early July trip to the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, and England. We will spend 16 days traveling to some of the greatest cities and sites in Europe. Along the way we will be able to see where many of our world studies - literary and historical - began. $95 reserves your spot for this incredible experience! or click blue bar below.

This is NOT a required or school sponsored trip.

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Read, Read, Read

Here’s a bit of research for you to help explain why (all from Kelly Gallagher’s Reading Reasons):

• High school students spend as much time reading literature as kindergartners (the peak is around fifth grade).

• Across the country, the average amount of time spent reading for all grades is 7.1 minutes per day in public schools.

• Students in the top 5% of national reading scores read 144 times more than students in the bottom 5%.

• In a study of standardized test scores, it was found that students in the 98th percentile spent approximately 90.7 minutes per day reading (4,733,000 words a year); while students in the 10th percentile spent 1.6 minutes (51,000 words a year) per day reading.


Contact Information and More

Please contact me if you have any questions. Email is the best option and I will respond as soon as possible.