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February 2, 2020

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


5 Questions to help us focus as we move into 2nd semester:

1. Am I modeling what I want to see in others? (Newsletter 1/20)

2. Am I making others better? (Newsletter 1/26)

3. Am I caring for others, personally and professionally?

George Couros wrote in “The Innovator’s Mindset“, from the chapter “Relationships, Relationships, Relationships”:

"... we have to make a connection to the heart before we can make a connection to the mind. Spending time to develop relationships and building trust is crucial to moving forward as a whole. It all starts by creating an environment where people feel cared for, supported, and are nurtured—the very things we know that impact learning for students in the classroom.

. . . the three things you need to ensure that your organization flourishes are relationships, relationships, and relationships. Fifty years ago, relationships were the most important thing in our schools, and fifty years from now, it will be no different."

Every action, interaction, and reaction we have with someone is an opportunity to demonstrate how much we care. Are we intentionally creating positive, caring encounters—the kind that last throughout the day and maybe even make an impact for years to come?

Relationships are the key to the success of our school. The more we connect with others, the more likely we are to succeed together. This is not only true with our students, but also essential with our staff. If we know those we serve, if we take time to build positive relationships, and care for each other personally and professionally, the more likely we are to all be successful.

4. Am I making others feel valued?

5. Do I care about who's right, or what's best for kids?


Please see the link below. This letter about reading may be helpful to read, dissect, and discuss with your high school students.

Social/Emotional Learning

Please see the image/message below shared by Mrs. Yoder. Thank you for sharing and helping us consider the "why's" that we sometimes may not think about.

Share the Love

In honor of Valentine's Day and to help us keep a positive focus during February, the 10th through the 14th will be "Share the Love" week at CN Jr/Sr HS. Each day there will be a challenge and a special treat. We hope that everyone will participate and share the love with the staff and students we work with!

Day #1

Challenge: Share the Love with a colleague by sending a note of encouragement.

Treat: Conversation Cuties!

Day #2

Challenge: Share the Love with a parent by sending a note home thanking them for their great kid and/or their support.

Treat: You Make My Heart Pop!

Day #3

Challenge: Share the Love by making a positive social media post tagging CN Jr/Sr HS and #CNlove

Treat: It May be Cheesy, but We Love You Guys!

Day #4

Challenge: Share the Love with at least 1 student telling them something you love about them (I love that you participate; I love that you are involved in . . . ; I love how you stick up for others; etc.)

Treat: Thanks for Pudding Your Heart into Education!

Day #5

Challenge: Go out of your way to Share the Love with someone in our building that you don't interact with on a regular basis.

Treat: We Love You to Pizzas!

Cougar Card Challenge

As a precursor to next week's activities, we have a jeans day challenge. For every 20 Cougar Cards completed and turned into Megan this week, we will have a jeans day next week. 100 Cougar Cards would equal a week of jeans. Megan will reshare the Cougar Card Google Sheet so you can see who has not yet received a card. Share the love with our students by sending a card.

Let's Rock the Last 80 Days!

Thank you for joining in the celebration on the 100th Day! Let's make the last 80 days the absolute best they can be together!

Congratulations Graybeals!

Welcome Holden Kipp Graybeal, son of Tyler and Elizabeth Graybeal! Holden was born on 1.26.20 and weighed in at 8 lbs 15 oz. Everyone is doing well and adjusting to this new addition!

Upcoming Events:

2/10-14 - Share the Love

2/17 - Staff Day (eLearning) (Draft agenda attached)