May 15-31

LV Data Retreat

Our annual Data Retreat will take place on Wednesday, June 12th here at Lineville from 8-4. The primary purposes of the retreat are to review this year's student data and to create our School Improvement Plan for the next school year. To achieve the best plan, I will need a team that has representation from both grades, SPED, and Related Arts.

This year the district is allowing me 56 hours of paid time - which would be seven people for 8 hours. There is also an option for teachers to take up to 4 hours of that time to meet their annual in-service requirement instead of taking them for pay.

SO - If you are interested in helping out with the Data Retreat, please e-mail Phil by no later than the end of the day on Monday. You will also need to indicate whether you plan to use any of your hours as in-service. Thank you! Please see Phil with any questions.

AP Interviews

THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to be a part of our Interview team to find our next AP! There was a very large response and your willingness to be involved is impressive. Unfortunately, we can not include everyone who volunteered. The team I have selected will consist of:

  • Mark Hebert - Facilitator
  • Kathy VB - Counselor
  • Meaghann Walder - 5th Grade
  • Lisa Anderson - 5th Grade
  • Brian Nicol - 6th Grade
  • Chris Miller - 6th Grade
  • Stacey Starkey - SPED
  • Andy Zipperer - RA

To ensure that everyone has a voice, I would like to invite you to complete a short Google Survey. The survey will help us to find an AP with the qualities we are looking for collectively. Thanks in advance for taking the time to offer your feedback.

AP Search Survey for LV Staff

Staff Cookout

Don't forget that Tony and I will be grilling on May 31st. Bring a smile and let us thank you for another AWESOME year with a burger! Mmmm...burger...