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~ China is in Eastern Asia bordering the East China Sea

~ 4th largest country in the world (total area: 9,596,961 sq. km; 27,060 sq. km is water)

~ Population: 1,336,718,015 (largest populated country in the world)

~ Mostly mountains with deserts in the west & hills in the east

~ Natural Resources: coal, iron ore, petroleum, natural gas, mercury, tin etc.

~ 11.62% arable land

~ There are 656 cities in China

~ Capital Beijing in the northeastern part of China & the 2nd most populated city in China

~ Shanghai is 1st most populated city in China & located on the eastern coast

~ Highest/Lowest point: Mount Everest= 29,035 ft./ Turpan Pendi=505 ft.

~ China is bordered by 14 countries


7 Elements of Culture

  • Government: Communism, President- Xi Jinping
  • Religion: Buddhism is the main religion, the Chaitya is the Buddhist place of worship
  • Economics: Renminbi is the currency, GDP per capita is 9,800
  • Social Organization: There are many markets for people to buy and sell product
  • Customs & Traditions: the Chinese celebrate many festivals including the Chinese New Year, Chinese writing is a huge tradition and has been around for more than 3,000 years
  • Language: Mandarin is the most spoken language, Chinese writing is called Hanzi
  • Arts & Literature: Badminton, Football, Basketball & Table Tennis are the main sports in China, China also is very popular in the Olympics



Who is at the center of the table?

What do the U.S and China have a history of?

Venn Diagram


  • Main Language Mandarin
  • Renminbi currency
  • Beijing capital
  • Shanghai is the largest city
  • Voting age is 18
  • Drinking age is 18
  • Age of consent is 16
  • Term length for president is 5 years
  • Literacy rate is 95.1%
  • Life expectancy is 75


  • In Asia
  • Share Buddhist faith
  • Similar governments
  • Had Emperors
  • Polytheistic religious faiths before the spread of Buddhism
  • Both had to deal with mongol invaders
  • Martial Arts
  • Have rich cultures, and high sense of nationalism
  • Are good with keeping old ways while introducing new technologies
  • Eat rice and use chopsticks
  • Have strong economies


  • Main Language Japanese
  • Currency Yen
  • Tokyo Capital
  • Tokyo is the largest city
  • Voting age is 20
  • Drinking age is 20
  • Age of consent is 13
  • Term length for president is 6 years
  • Literacy rate is 99%
  • Life expectancy is 84