Coach Lasater

7th grade science

hidden talents ?

coach.Lasater has a hidden talent. She calls it "the meter stick trick."

any family traditions?

Coach.Lasater does many things out of school.

  • one thing she does every year is "all the girls get pedicures for their birthdays."

She loves her job because of the kids

she loves having fun in class

her past?

Coach. Lasater went to Texas A&m Corpus Christi.This is the college Coach . Lasater originally wanted to attend . She went to school to be a Science teacher and has now taught for 7 years. on thing she regrets or would change that she did in college was "be in more clubs."

if she wasent a teacher?

if Coach.Lasater wasn't a teacher she would be a pedeatrician .

If she didn't teach Science she would teach art for her love of drawing .

her number 1 petpeeve

one thing that Coach. Lasater hates is when "students don't line there papers up in the baskets."