Keeping Your Immune System Healthy

And the threats that linger

The threats!

There are a lot of threats to the immune system. The most dangerous is probably the HIV virus. It actually attacks the immune system itself. It causes AIDS where even a common cold could kill you! There is also something called autoimmunity. That's when your immune system overreacts to something that isn't actually a threat. It attacks itself! Smoking, alcohol and drugs damage your immune system.

Health Tips

How can I keep it healthy?

Don't be scared of the threats! There are a lot of ways to avoid them. Like sleeping well and eating healthy. It gives your immune system energy. Also, avoid you allegens, if you have any. Getting your vaccines and boosters are important too because they make you immune to the disease. Avoid smoking, because, that's basically bad for all systems. Alcohol and drugs are bad too. You can avoid sick people to not get their germs. If you follow these tips, you will have a perfectly healthy immune system!