HIstory Timeline

By: Alyssa Aguilar and Alyssa Wilson

Missouri Compromise

In 1820 Henry Clay helped forbid slavery in the north some of the states that were in involved were, Louisiana, Missouri, and Maine. The reason for this was to keep a balance of the power in the senate.
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Wilmot Proviso

In 1846 Wilmot Proviso had made a bill to put before the U.S house of representatives during the Mexican War. This happened on the border of the U.S and Mexico.
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Compromise of 1850

In 1850 Henry Clay admitted California as a free state. In exchange congress passed a higher fugitive slave law.

Fugitive slave act

In 1850 Henry Clay made a pair of federal laws that allowed for the return of run away slaves in the north.
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Kansas- Nebraska act

In 1854 Stephen Douglas proposed a bill to get southern support for a railroad in the north. This happened in Kansas Nebraska.
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Bleeding Kansas

1854-1861 people in Kansas had a war involving slave act in slavery states
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Dred Scott V. Sanford

In 1857 in the North and South Dred Scott was sued for his freedom and was not taken back into slavery
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Lincoln - Douglas Debates

In 1858 Stephen Douglas had a series of debates to get a Senate, in Illinois