The Kuiper Belt

Death To All

Basic Knowledge About the Belt

The Kuiper Belt is a disk-shaped region found in the outer solar system, just past the orbit of Neptune, containing cosmic pieces of rock. These rocks -- most bigger than the infamous dinosaur-killing meteor of 65 million years ago -- are sometimes slung into the orbital paths of our planets, endangering the very lives that we hold dear. Ladies and Gentleman, we are well on the verge of our existences as Armageddon approaches.

Dangers The Kuiper Belt poses to Earth

  • Gravity of outer planets disturbs the belt and slings a huge piece of rock into the solar system.

  • At least 70,000 of the icy objects. The 1st discovered is 200km diameter (Dinosaur-killer meteor 65 million years ago was 10km).

  • Chances of Earth impact is small and is protected by the gravitational pull of other planets.

  • If Kuiper Belt comet comes too close to the sun, it will explode into dust particles that will be attracted to form a ring around the sun, blocking out some heat. ***Biggest Threat*** Temps on earth will drop, triggering another Ice Age. It would take the planet hundreds of thousands of years to recover.

  • Disaster is determined by pure chance

Kuiper Belt Explorers

Joe Manning

Derrick Baffour

Elena Neal

Jake Rudy

Aly Bernal