Lizards And Freshwater Ponds

By. Xander Comey & Emily Cummings


Some Lizards eat insects: Slugs,Flies,Frog Eggs,Spiders,Dragonflies,Centipedes,Worms.

Places They Live

Some Lizards live on a rock near a pond so they can do camoflouge so they can hide to snatch PREY!

There is more FACTS!!

Types Of Lizards

There are several different types of lizards that live near a pond or even live in a pond, but me and Xander don't have all of them. The first Lizard is the Chinese Crocodile Lizard. It spends most of it's life near a pond. The second Lizard Green Basilisk Lizard, and they love to be near ponds. The third Lizard is the Blue Tailed Lizard. It likes to be near ponds and a lot of houses.


You may think that Lizards aren't crazy about ponds and they can handle being away from ponds for 2 or 1 days, maybe but some can be crazy. Some Lizards like a terrestrial existence. However, a few species have adpations that allow them to expand their habitat beyond the shores of ponds,rivers,and swamps. Also, some species are so dependent on ponds and other water sources,that the would struggle to live far from there.
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