By: Evan W. 2nd period Mr.Masengill

Introduction to the Great Country of Laos

Laos is a great country in between Vietnam and Thailand. We have great land features and waterways such as the Mekong River. We are landlocked, but have good water supplies from rivers and streams that flow over or nation. We are located on the Indochina Peninsula, which is close to the equator. To realize the size of my country, we are about the size of Utah. Our main religion is Buddhism as you can see the picture of the Buddha below. We have a great communist government, lead by the communist party. Our main ethnic group is Lao, and you can see a Lao man in the picture below. Our capital is Vientiane. Our official language is also Lao. Our economy is small but with your help we can rebuild our economy. My country has recently reopened tourism, so come be one of the first people to come and visit Laos again.

Slogan- Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity and Prosperity"

Great Geography

We have rugged mountains towards the north on the border of Vietnam. There is a plateau area in the south where most of the rice is grown on terraces. We have a ton of water for our crops and could sell some for our economy. The Mekong River is one of our main sources of water. We have a monsoon economy, so obviously a lot of water. Spring is usually more dry, but fall is one of the best times to come and visit Laos.

People and Culture

As you learned in the intro, the main ethnic group of Laos is the Lao. The official language is also Lao. There is also the Malayo-Polynesian ethnic group. Other languages are Tibeto-Burman, Non-Khmer, or Miao-Yao. The estimated population of Laos is 6,477,211 people.

Most people in Laos live in rural areas. Only about 33% of people live in urban areas. Some of the places that are urban are Savannakhét, Pakxé, Luangphrabang, Muang Xaignabouri, and Ban Houayxay. and Vientiane, the capital.

The Lao cuisine is based off of sticky rice that we eat with our hands. It all spreads from there with other things on top like fish, meat, spices, herbs. We eat more sticky rice than any other people in the world. The most famous dish is Larb.

We love music and culture. Or favorite instrument is the khaen which is basically a bamboo pipe.

Government and Citizenship

The Government of Laos used to be a constitutional monarchy. But in 1975, the monarchy was overthrown by the communist party of Laos. The idea of communism spread from China to Laos from trade and other things in my country. We are lead by our leader Choummaly Sayasone. He is the Lieutenant General of our army.

We also have some rights like freedom of speech, religion but there cannot be any organized protesting or riots in our country. We can vote for our leader at the age of 18 and can also run for elected positions for at most 21 years. We have a good education for our young to learn in. It is better than before communist rule.

Our justice system is also pretty good to. We have courts with judges who decide what is right. Some punishments are torture and death which sometimes might be a little harsh.


Our economy is still a little down. In 1953 we passed a law to prepare the devolpment of Laos for a new economy. We are trying to create more and more factories for more jobs. It has been working and has improved our economy by allot.

Our country is still based of agriculture. We export many crops such as rice, sweet potatoes, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco, and cotton. We also have some manufacturing. The main things we export from that side of the economy is mining, with copper, gold, tin, and gypsum being mined and exported every day. We usually import allot of things also. The list of that includes, which has been generally directed toward development in mining, hydro power, and construction.