6 grade survival guide

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Your locker is like a pet. If you don't play with it it wont be nice to you and open. Learn about it and you can handle it easier. Finally keeping it clean,if your locker is dirty it wont be as enjoyable.


Pencils are like pet snakes. Give them a good home or they will get away from you. They can slip throw the smallest spaces so keep them locked up. Finally take care of your pencils or they wont take care of you.

Go to your locker 3 times a day no more but it can be less.


You my think teacher in 6th grade are going to be mean, strict and over all unpleasant . I used to think that as well but this simply isn't the case. Yes they will be a little bit more strict but there all nice and this year is the best year of your life.

Theres more homework but it isn't a ton.