Medieval Europe

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Role of Fuedalism

Feudalism helped structure today's forms of Representative government it was key to helping the world expand into other territory's. It also based a new economic structure. It was key to the develop new economic systems. Economic systems were based on land holding and protection alliances. Feudalism helped determine status a person's prestige and power which helped create structure. Social classes were early inherited young and you were usually born into a class.

The Manor System

The manor system was an economic arrangement between the landowner and the peasants(lord and his serfs). The key to this was that the Lord provided housing, farmland, and protection. In return the serfs tended the lords land and took care of the animals and performed other tasks to maintain the estate.

Feudal Warfare

Armies carefully reviewed the structure of the castle. This was intended to find weak spots in the stone of the castle walls. Once they located the weak point of the castle they would use several types of ramming objects to strike the wall, such as battering rams. They also used tortoise to move slowly on wheels to shelter the soldiers. They also used high flying missiles using a trebuchet, such as boulders, dead horses, and severed human heads etc. other weapons used mangonel to fling huge rocks into the castle walls from 1300 feet away.

The Catholic Church

The Catholic Church had a big role during the middle ages because heaven was the number one thing people wanted to get to an the kings appointed church bishops.

Problems With the Catholic Church

Religiously problems were that some priests were nearly illiterate and could barely read their prayers. Some of the popes were men of questionable morals. It was socially unacceptable for drinking and people in the church to be getting married against church rulings. Political problems were bishops sold positions in the Church, a practice called simony. Using laying investiture kings appointed bishops and church reformers believed church alone should appoint.

Popes Power Declines and Kings Rise

  • Italian cities expand and become rich for the many traveling through the area

  • Christians are distrusted from the Muslims for breaking the agreement

  • European technology improves

  • Power of feudal nobles were threatened.

Role of Knights

Protect the lords manor in exchange for land or a room in the lords house. Fought on horseback and with heavy weapons and heavy armor. The knights fighting force declined because of the longbow and the effectiveness it had against the knights armor.

Englands Limited Constitutional Monarchy

On June 15, 1215, King John's nobles forced him to sign the Magna Carta. This gave guaranteed rights to all people in the kingdom such as no taxation without representation, a jury trial, and the protection of the law.

Hundred Year's War

Edward III of England claimed right to the French throne. France won but both countries had major changes. Both England and France thought great of their leaders from now on. The French monarchy increased while the English parliament increased.


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