Helpful and Harmful Bacteria

Summary of Bacteria

Hey have you ever wondered about bacteria, and whether or not it is helpful or harmful? Well there is good and bad bacteria and 2/3 (66 2/3%) of the bacteria on this Earth is helpfuL thats more than half. Alot of the bacteria is helpful whether you no it or not there is plenty of bacteria that is healthy such as Nonpathogenic which is going to be one of my topics, that you are going to hear alot about.

All About and What it Can Do


Bacteria are very little living things (also known as micro organisms) that live all over Earth. They live deep down in the sea and in the dirt. They float in the air and when you inhale them and they go through your body, and they travel in get into every living thing's body. They are in a group called Moneera. There is a bacteria that cand divide into a million of bacteria in half a day. This bacteria is big enough to were you can see them through a microscope. Bacteria gets into your skin if you have alot of oil on it and cause you to have pimples. Some bacteria are good and they turn raw sewage into chemicals to make plants grow. Bad bacteria can eat the dinner in your guts. They can suck up a half mile oil spill. But other good bacteria help and break down the animal hives such as bee hives and turns them into handbags, shoes, brief cases, and cool motorcycle jackets.

Helpful and Harmful Bacteria

Some bacteria is helpful because it can trace far back. But whether you know it or not majority of bacteria is not harmful. Nonpathogenic bacteria can be found in skin, water, and other stuff such as stomachs. This kind of bacteria is necessary to help any healthy functioning life form, it helps with digesting. Nonpathogenic bacteria are vry helpful and are in our systems, and they do not cause any bad things, except for in other circumstances that are very rare.

How This Information is Important

This is important to me because I need to know what kind of bacteria is harmful and what kind of bacteria is not. I also need to know this type of bacteria is flowing through my system and whether it is good or not. This id also important because it is helpful for me to learn about bacteria and how it is good for me and bad for me. This is helpful to science because they know that some bacteria is helpful. It also can trace all th way back to a billion years. It is also helpful to science because because the will know that bactera is good and bad and that there is more good bacteria than bad and so they can stay positve. Finally, this is important to my community because they wll know what flows throuhg our system and how bacteria can help us with digesting, whch we do everyday. It is also in you skin and in you stomach. NOT ALL BACTERIA IS BAD FOR YOU! STAY POSITIVE!!!