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Another signs that a person may not have a healthy hear

Signs that May Indicate Heart Trouble

Many people don’t realize that chest pain isn’t always present when they suffer from heart disease. Instead, it may be other signs and symptoms that let a person know that they may suffer from this condition.

Having a healthy heart is something some people take for granted today. However, with all the “bad” things out there, like fast food, cigarettes, and desk jobs, people need to be more concerned about their cardiovascular health today, than they have ever been in the past. Some of the signs that may indicate heart disease or other problems with someone’s heart and circulation are highlighted here.


Fatigue is something that can be caused by all different types of medicines and illnesses. However, if someone suffers a new or constant fatigue, it may be an indication of heart failure. This is a condition when the heart doesn’t pump properly, or it could be due to coronary artery disease.

Unexplained Pain or Aches

Another signs that a person may not have a healthy heart is if they experience unexplained aches and pains. If the heart muscle’s blood supply is blocked, it can result in the heart essentially “crying out” in pain when the body demands that it work harder. However, this pain may not always be present in the person’s chest. In some situations, it is felt in the jaw, abdomen, arms or shoulders. If the pain in these areas occurs when a person is exercising, and then dissipates when they stop, then this is a sign of heart disease that should be looked at by a doctor.

Shortness of Breath

A person should not assume that their shortness of breath is just because they are out of shape. If shortness of breath occurs while doing small amounts of activity, it could indicate heart issues. If a person climbs up six flights of stairs, it makes sense they would be out of breath; however, if they only go up 10 stairs and become short of breath, then this can be a sign of a heart problem.

Issues related to the heart can’t be ignored. As time passes, they are only going to get worse without treatment. It’s a good idea to have a physician to determine the exact cause of the issue and ensure the proper treatment is provided. This will ensure the individual’s heart health is restored and that further issues don’t occur in the future.