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January 18-22, 2016

Greeters for the week of January 18-22


MLK Holiday


Betty Steele


Gail Thomas


Cathy Gaskin


Beverly Martin

Region 7 ESC

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DMAC Design & Delivery Coordinator

Special Ed Specialist (3)

High School Science Specialist

ELA Specialist, Middle School

Educator Certification Specialist

.NET Application Developer/Programmer

IMS Assistant Director

Bilingual Family Service Worker - Longview

Desktop Support Technician

Head Start Mental Health Specialist

Federal Programs Specialist

Family Service Worker - Eustace

Director, Center for Federal Programs

Family Service Worker - Carthage ISD

Building and Safety Technician

Head Start Education Specialist


To: Hinsley, Glenda <ghinsley@esc7.net>
Subject: Thanks and a question

I wanted to thank you and Vicki for your help yesterday. Thank you for spending your time helping us. It really helped me understand the CIP expectations and how I can get our district more aligned.

I have a question regarding Title II Part D. What all can we use it for regarding Technology? Long story short, we purchased Chromebooks for the High school using a Kurth Grant with the goal of moving the JH to one-to-one. Can we use Part D to purchase Chromebooks for students or simply to renew the ones we have? We haven't applied for Part D and I was wondering if it is something we should consider for next year, and if so what benefits we could really get from it.



Richard Nash

Director of Curriculum and Programs

Central ISD


To: Wright, Sherri <SWright@esc7.net>
Subject: RE: [Counselors-contracted] Description for Upcoming Counselor Networking Sessions

Sherri – I am not able to attend due to one of those ‘behind the scenes activities’ I am responsible for but………

Did want to thank you for the positive message you sent this morning. Very affirming – appreciate all YOU do for us J

Diane Knowles

Birdwell Elementary



To: Honzell, Tricia <thonzell@esc7.net>
Subject: Re: High Yield Instructional Strategies Webinar Series

Thank you sweetly. I think yesterday was my favorite of the trainings. Fascinating statistics about what works and what works better. CT

Cindy Tillery, Center ISD

Communicate -- Vertically and Horizontally

Excerpt from The Power of Teamwork, Inspired by The Blue Angels by Scott Beare & Michael McMillan

Healthy relationships are built on an open and honest sharing of information. Performance teams are no different. Without effective communication, the Blue Angels organization couldn't perform. From Boss on down to the sailors and marines responsible for aircraft maintenance, public affairs and administration -- people at every level depend on effective communication to accomplish their job responsibilities.

Clear communication, conveyed through defined channels, is critical for teamwork to flourish. Positive and honest feedback builds trust and keeps the team on task. For a team to remain empowered, every member must stay informed. When people know where they stand, they're better able to perform their job. Negative talk, rumors or gossip have no place within a team environment. This behavior creates confusion, animosity and can destroy the fabric of teamwork--trust.

Providing timely information in a consistent manner boosts confidence and team efficiency, increasing the power of teamwork. Encouraging members to ask questions, address concerns, discuss procedures, and challenge the status quo are the hallmarks of a quality team. This level of communication keeps everyone informed and fosters a positive, knowledgeable and productive team.

Do you communicate clearly and effectively? Are you informed? Is information shared openly and honestly on your team? Do negative rumors or gossip exist? Is every team member encouraged to address concerns?

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” ~George Bernard Shaw

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