The World Of Gamers

By:Alexis Calderon

Book Info

Author- James Dashner

Publisher-Delacorte Press

Publishing Date- Oct. 8 2013

Number of pages-310 pages

Character Description

Michael is the main character because it talks about his life and he is a hacker of the virtnet.

Tanya is a girl that hangs out with Michael and they meet in school, But they also meet in the golden gate.

Plot summary

Michael meets this girl in his school but Michael doesn't know her.Michael is in the Golden Gate and the girl tries to jump in the golden Gate so she can die. The girl is trying to kill her self in the golden gate. Michael feels bad of the girl because she wants to die.


People are trying to get other games and hackers out of the virtnet. They are trying to help people and other people are trying to hack them and they are trying to take them out. The golden gate is one big part of the story because it is something kid of like a volcano.

Tittle Explanation

I think the eye of minds got the tittle because its like other people are looking at what are you doing or stalking. People are trying to steal their plans.

Book Review

I will review this book like a 7 because of the ambiance but i don't like how it takes place in the future. I would recommend it to people that like to read about the future.