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Best Mac Drawing Software on Mac

MyBrushes Paint Pour Mac is a simple paint program for Mac OS X, suggestive of Microsoft Paint. It offers users with a means to make simple images rapidly, something which has been obviously absent from the Mac for years.

The interface is pretty much the same as Paint brush, but my problem with it is that the icons from the toolbox are puzzling; I do not be familiar with what most of them do by glancing at them. And it is also a bit complex to change the size of the canvas.

This is sort of free. The developer says you should pay for it, but the trial is never-ending and has all the features accessible. Still, you should pay for it and hold the developer if you use it frequently. If you did like a few extra features over the basic toolset, this one is for you.

MyBrushes Paint Pour Mac is the best alternative for any Windows user if they do not desire to or cannot deal with Photoshop but require more sophisticated and powerful editing alternative than the normal image editor. It is really very easy to use; even a novice can master this easily and its resemblance with image editor makes it even more suitable for usage. The interface resembles that of Photoshop with its floating toolbars like layers, picture history and color picker. All tools wanted for manipulation of images that are working by image editing services can be found here. Plus, you have a lot of cool effects which you can apply as well.