Mr. Koontz's English 9 Class

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In Our Class...

In English 9, we will delve deeply into a wide variety of rich literary texts in a fashion that will nurture compelling and thought provoking discussions. We will regularly carry out textual (and cross-textual) analyses with critical thought in efforts to exceed the surface exercises in basic plot summary. During the course of this school year, we will sharpen our writing and language skills through multiple projects, which will often result in group/individual class presentations. ...


This course has been designed to enhance and enrich writing and language skills. Nevertheless, most all of our tasks, written or oral, will be driven by the LITERATURE we read. This should not come as a surprise since writing, vocabulary, and language work hand-and-hand. Thus, on most occasions we will either be reading, writing about, or discussing the literature...

It's ALL about LITERACY!

English 9 Literature Selections ...

What does the year hold for you?

Semester 1 fun

Semester One

Ø Short Story: a study of the elements of fiction, using short stories as a basis

Ø Descriptive Writing

Ø Novel: Of Mice and Men or The Book Thief or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time or The Joy Luck Club

Ø Poetry: poetry will be an ongoing feature of units throughout this course

Semester 2 fun

Semester Two

Ø Poetry

Ø Non-fiction: Night or a selection of short nonfiction pieces

Ø Speaking skills

Ø Drama: Romeo and Juliet

Independent Reading

You will read independently throughout the school year and will complete three independent reading units set by the classroom teacher. The text selections must be of significant literary worth and be approved by your classroom teacher before you begin reading. Your classroom teacher may designate a specific text as part of an independent reading unit.

Projects & Presentations

Project-based learning tasks will permeate the learning experiences as we will grasp the relevance of the curriculum and obtain college and career readiness skills. It is imperative that all assignments, homework, and readings are completed well BEFORE deadlines and due dates. The level of rigor in this class will allow NO TIME TO WASTE TIME.Nevertheless, the pace and productivity of this course will make the time fly!

Short and Sweet

Ø You will study the following five genres: novel, short story, poetry, nonfiction, and drama.

Ø You will leave this course having developed a body of work that reflects a variety of communication styles and forms.

Ø You will be assessed using a variety of techniques, including visual, oral, and written assessments.

Ø You will use the writing process (prewriting, drafting, responding, revising, editing, and publishing) to explore a variety of writing forms.

Ø You will cite sources using the MLA format.

Ø You will complete three independent reading tasks.

Ø You will develop an understanding of how language works to create effects in writing.

Ø You will participate in Socratic seminars and discussions.

Ø You will learn the terminology associated with literature.

Our Primary Learning Management System..

Edmodo ( is our "one-stop-shop" for instructional purposes in our class. It is vital that BOTH PARENTS & STUDENTS sign up in order to have full access to our classroom resources. Edmodo will help you to keep up with due dates, tests, quizzes, and more. You will take many quizzes in Edmodo. It will serve as your personal at-home tutor as Mrs. Koontz will often post additional resources that you may need in order to fully grasp a learning concept. You will also use Edmodo to work collaboratively with other students in class and in other classes.

How to sign up for Edmodo and use it for class


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