April 2014


Thursday April 17- Arts Night

April 24- Education Week -Guest Speaker

April 29- Summer School Registration

May 8- Late Start

May 8,9,10- Musical

May 27- Music Night


82% of staff have completed the survey. Please remember to log on and complete the survey if you haven't done so already.

If you have an IBT class that needed to complete the survey in class and you haven't got around to it yet, please do so.

Minimal parent involvement- a note will be attached to Mid Term Report Cards as a reminder.

Results will be generated May 2 and the data shared with the staff and then eventually the students.

D2L- The "ANGEL" Replacement

google - D2L-peel

Desire to Learn.

Angel will be obsolete next year so this will be the operating software for next year.

Explore and Experiment NOW! Good to know if we need additional support/ training etc.

Very similar to Angel, but seems to be more personalized, more seamless, more functional. a good resource online to help learn about the features and offer support.


Importance of delivering meaningful differentiation on all 3 categories- Tech, International, Business

How can we keep adding to the types of things we are doing in our classes?

Is there something you would like to be doing but need more support or training? Let admin/ me know.


Make sure that students are being evaluated on appropriate course content. Know NOW what the exam will be so that all material will be covered over the semester.

Format can change to suit the needs of the course- WE DO THIS REALLY WELL :)

Consider booking a block of time during the exam timetable to interview, meet etc. with students rather than using class time at the end of the semester.


As Spring is approaching all students start losing focus and work skills start slipping. Please keep work and evaluation meaningful and interesting. Call home, use admin support if major issues arise.

Grade 12's especially begin to lose focus once marks have been submitted. Please remind them that final marks count for something, acceptances are conditional etc.

Pat will be visiting Grade 12 Homeroom classes to remind students of correct behaviour and focus.


Thank you for referring students to Friday Conversations. Please remember that you should have taken prior action yourself before the referral. A discussion, detention, call home etc.

CLASSROOMS- What do they look like?

Spring Cleaning! Keeping rooms in order, purging papers, handouts etc. now.

Is there something that your classrooms need? different tables, bulletin boards etc, please ask.


North Park placed well amongst the other schools in Brampton (263/ 691). Whether we like it or not this is something that parents pay attention to. However, most of the catholic schools in Brampton ranked higher than the public schools. A consideration but not sure where we go from here?


Williams Parkway will be our exclusive feeder school next year due to boundary changes. Important to make connections with those students, especially in a non IBT way, as they will have already had the IBT experience. I know some of us have tried !!!! But something to keep in mind as we go forward.


Shannon Johnston for her great work with Abstract- silver medal

Shannon Grinnell- Peel Tech. Skills Challenge- Film- made it to Regionals

Sunny Chan- for keeping soccer alive and well at NP

Sherry Stoneman- the GO club and the activities you are planning for the Spring

Such an AMAZING department! We have our priorities right- Students! Keep up the Great Work!