JFK's Assassination

By: Abdul Ahad Pirzada

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Who, What, When, Where and How?

In the year 1963, the entire United States witnessed a tragic incident. As on November 22nd John F. Kennedy, the President of U.S, was shot down while he was riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas.Near the Dealey Plaza. The assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was arrested within the hour of the assassination. However, two days later he was shot and killed in Dallas police station by another gun man named Jack Ruby. Conspiracy theories about the assassination arose almost immediately after the Oswald's death.
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Media Portrayal

The media portrayed this event in several ways. Some believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was acquainted with the Soviet Union and therefore his objective was to get rid of the President as he was looked upon as a threat from the Soviet's officials. Yet others believed that the CIA was involved in JFK's Assassination. This is because they were displeased from JFK's performance and decision making during the Bay of Pigs Invasion, which itself was a total disaster and led to the loss of many Cuban exiles. Marking a huge embarrassment to Kennedy's administration. While some believed that Jack Ruby was a part of a huge mob which also included Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack Ruby feared that Oswald might spill out some important secrets therefore he had to kill him. But when Jack Ruby was questioned about his actions he stated that he felt that JFK's wife would not be able to withstand her husband's trial in court, hence he decided to take matters in his own hands.
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There is no formal bias that goes along the argument whether the assassination of JFK was an entire setup or whether it was a one man show. The bias directly leads to which side you decide to adopt. Hence, there is not a single bias. Many novels have been published regarding this event and its investigations. And each novels illustrates a different and unique perspective of the author. More like an opinion. Although majority of the whole event are concrete facts. However, conspiracy theorist, historians and people in general are unable to tie the links or points together. Below are a few example of such literary texts.
Prespective regaring JFK's Assassination


There is a lot of criticism that revolves around the assassination of JFK. Mostly Historical criticism as this topic has a lot to do with the United States history. It influenced the time period it took place in hence it not only changed the people's perspective but also relied based on what angle they approached it. And to this day is still widely talked about. People have come up with very clever opinion whereas some are quite bizarre. People allegedly claim that the CIA is hiding something from the public but that is yet to be approved. Although majority of people feel that way.

Personal Perspective

I believe that the JFK Assassination was put together perfectly. Although the #399 bullet points straight towards Lee Harvey Oswald. The Warren Commission that was formed to investigate the case fully deteriorated their trust from the public. Hence, allowing people to take the matter in their own hands.Hence, I believe that the real assassin is yet to be familiarized by the public and is kept hidden by the CIA or government.
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