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the war of 1812!

the war of 1812 was a military dispute between the usa and uk and ireland. this boring war lasted 2 and a half years. but why would these guys even want to fight? it makes no sense!

why the war started!

the war of 1812 basically started because the u.s. got all mad about british stealing people off their ships and thats called impressment. and also british and france put restrictions on trades, and that really made the u.s. mad as heck! well how did the war end? like who won??

how the war ended and the winner!

well the u.s. won the war because honestly british sucks, but thats not all. the u.s. also won control of lake erie in the battle of lake erie and that basically cut off all ends with british.

lets ask tecumseh "the prophet" his experiences in the war!

-hey tecumseh, how are you doing?

im doing fine, thankyou

-so how do you feel about the war?

well i felt like we had to win this war for my homies in the u.s., feel me?

-yeah, i feel you. so when the u.s. won how did you feel?

i felt like we accomplished our goals in a short amount of time.

-thank you tecumseh, that unfortunately that will be all because we are running out of time.

thank you for having me, bye.