How to Make a Jensen Bar

Learn How to Make a Jensen Bar

You will know how to make a Jensen Bar after my lesson!

A Jensen Bar is like a scale. One side is heavier so it leans to the side that has more weight. In this class you will learn how it works and how to balance it out. You will also learn why it leans to the side that is heavier.

Every Saturday at noon

Each Saturday we hold a lesson on how to make a Jensen Bar at noon. We have it at noon because most people are busy at other parts of the day. We try to make it fit everybody's needs, but just in case, we have another lesson on Sunday at three in the afternoon.

We teach you how to make different Jensen Bars, so we have many instructors

Hopefully you benefit from our class, but we think you will.

Some people are doubtful, but we think this will really help.

Lots of our instructors have masters degrees in engineering, and if they don't they have another degree in engineering, we make sure of it. They understand, and will do something if you have a problem. We promise satisfied results.

We hope we provide great results

Location: Virginia Beach