3rd Grade Happenings

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Please remember reading logs are due the first day of the week. I am asking students to read 20 minutes/night for 5 nights a week. (Total of 100 minutes/week) Our next reading log is due on Monday, September 10.


We will be practicing our math facts daily in class. If a student is having trouble passing a level, I would like them to also practice them at home to keep them moving along so they don't fall behind. We have begun addition this week. We will move into subtraction next, followed by multiplication and division as the students progress. Students will change the belts on their ninjas as they pass through the levels. Please ask them about this!


I allow students to bring healthy snacks into the classroom if they want. Please keep them HEALTHY. No sugary foods, candy, chips, etc. Also, they are welcome to bring a water bottle if they want. Please do not send anything except water. Per our school handbook, no other drinks are allowed. If students bring other things I will ask them to leave them in their locker until the end of the day. I do allow gum anytime in the classroom unless I can hear it or see it, then I will ask them to spit it out.


Students can bring a paint shirt and keep it in their extra locker if they want. They may be using these in art, after school, or in the classroom throughout the year.

Spelling Words for the week of September 4th. (TEST on Friday, September 7th)

Words with Long a

  1. gray
  2. April
  3. break
  4. late
  5. page
  6. face
  7. ate
  8. safe
  9. great
  10. save
  11. place
  12. May
  13. change
  14. away
  15. pay
  16. came
  17. Yequiel

Spelling words for the week of September 10th. (TEST on Friday, September 14)

More words with Long a:

1. fable

2. afraid

3. eight

4. weigh

5. rain

6. table

7. wait

8. they

9. danger

10. aid

11. able

12. paint

13. sail

14. train

15. aim

16. paper

17. Michael

FYI-Important Information and Upcoming Events!

October 8-12: HOMECOMING

Wednesday, October 17: End of 1st Quarter; Early Dismissal at 12:00 (Staff Development)

Thursday, October 18: NO SCHOOL (MEA)

Friday, October 19: NO SCHOOL (MEA)