Harrison High Suspends a Patriot

High schooler denied his patriotic rights by English teacher

The story

A New Hampshire boy in Harrison high school named Phillip Malloy gets suspended for singing the National anthem. Apparently Harrison High has a rule for being Patriotic. It started off as a warning to Phillip but turned into a trip to the office and eventually suspension. The assistant that suspended him even admitted that they had a rule for singing the national anthem. This is just the tip of the Iceberg, find out what the board of education has to say for this.

Quotes from the School board

Dr. Seymour-Superintendent

I contacted the School's superintendent and he said "The answer is no. We do not have such a rule. Absolutely." He continuously denied having a rule about singing the national anthem "Of course not. Whatever gave you that Idea?" What he called "hogwash" was exactly the story we are covering now.

Dr. Gertrude Doane - Principal

When I talked to the Principal of Harrison High, she had some interesting things to say. She had little to no knowledge of the whole thing happening a repeatedly dodging the question. She said "Discipline problems are usually in the hands of my assistant principal, Dr. Palleni." She even tried to make up that she "was at meetings all day." Then she admitted to me "I don't know the particulars of this situation" She also told me to talk with the assistant principal to where he deals with suspension.

Dr. Joseph Palleni - Assistant Principal

Dr. Palleni is a very intelligent man when I talked over the phone with him but seemed to have just as much knowledge of the situation as Dr. Gertrude. He claimed to have done no such thing. but I think theres a little more to it. Next I'll talk to the teacher that sent him to the principal's office in the first place.

Miss. Narwin - teacher

Miss. Narwin seemed to have more information then the assistant principal/principal combined but didn't seem to interested to talk about it. She acknowledged that she sent Phillip Malloy to the principles office for signing the national anthem but said "the boy was creating a serious disturbance." Also she said that they have a rule in her classroom, not what the superintendent said.