Paris, France

Johnathan Tran

Hotel Paris France

Hotel Paris France is a 2 star hotel in Paris, France. You can have a maximum of 2 people there with a set of 2 beds. One night in the twin bed room costs about 138 euros or 191.64 dollars. so in about five nights you will have to pay about 958.20 dollars.

Air France

AirFrance is the dedicated airline that would take you from the Houston airports all the way to the Paris airport. The costs for two people and a round trip would be 2781.20 dollars.

Mercedes Benz E class

The Mercedes Benz E class is a luxury car offered to you by The rental prices for one day is 1218 dollars a day. For the five nights you will be staying the price will be 6090 dollars.




The total cost for the whole trip will be a grand total of 10118.40 dollars.