Second Grade

Rock Star News

September 12- Half Day for Conferences. I will be sending out a link to sign up soon.

Tailgate Party

Friday, Sep. 5th, 6pm

Conyers Campus

Peachtree Academy will be hosting there 1st Annual Tailgate Party on September 5th at the Conyers location.
The PTO will be providing hotdogs.
Please bring your favorite tailgate/finger food.
Football Scrimmage Game - 6 pm
Powder Puff Game -6:30 pm

What's happening this week...

Reading- This week we are reading Henry and Mudge. This week our focus is on identifying story elements with an emphasis on characters and setting. Talk to your child as they read to you each night. Ask them questions about what they read. Reading Logs are in your child' Fish Notebook. Please sign each night. Please have your child read for a total of 20 minutes each day. The time they spend reading our weekly story will count towards this 20 minutes. I highly suggest having your child read their story out loud each night in order to improve reading fluency.

Vocabulary- Students as a whole did not perform very well on their vocabulary quizes last week. I am not going to count this as a grade in the grade book. Please take a look at this with your child. These were tough words with many words sounding alike. This week vocabulary homework is not due until Friday when we will have our quiz. This quiz will count, as will all the rest. Next week will be the unit test that will cover all 30 words. I will send home a review as homework for next week.

Language Arts- This week's spelling pattern is the vowel-consonant-silent e (v-c-e). That sneaky e makes the vowel long. We will continue to practice identifying this pattern in our reading and centers as well. Spelling and Dictation test will be on Thursday. In grammar we will continue to review Subjects and Predicates. The subject is the who or what the sentence is about and the predicate is what the subject is doing. The dog / ran very fast.

Math-- Our Math test will be NEXT Wednesday, September 3rd. It will cover both addition and subtraction strategies. They need to show how to use those strategies. If you look on their "check your progress" quiz, you will see where I marked what they needed to do. I will not expect them to use all of these strategies in the future, only the ones that work for them.

Remember to practice math facts every day. It is so important that they are fluent in those facts. We took our 2's last week and it got a bit harder. This week will take our 3's.

Social Studies/Science--Our test over Earth's Materials will be THIS Wednesday. I have sent home their Science Journals for them to study and review for the test. I will only test over material that is in their journals. They have had a fantastic time creating this learning tool. Please be sure to return it to school each day so we can continue to study and work in it.

Rock Star of the Week

Laura-Kate Tully


If you have not signed up for PTO please do! We want 2nd grade to have 100% participation. Thank you so much in advance!

Second and Third Grade will be performing for Chapel this month!

Wednesday is our last day!

Gentle Reminders

Please be sure to get your child here in the morning with plenty of time to spare. We go right into specials and chapel at 8:20 and many of our students are not having enough time to take care of their morning routines. Thank You!