Heat and light energy


Heat energy

Heat is the flow of atoms to one matereal to another.heat moves from warmer objects to colder objects.when warmer objects come in contact with cooler objects energy is transferred from the warmer object to the cooler object.the more energy an object has the faster the atoms move.the atoms of the warm object cause the particles of the cooler object to move faster.atoms of the warmer object become slower as the energy transfers to the colder object.

Conduction convection and radiation🔥


Heat can be transferred in three different ways.one by conduction ,conduction can occur

Between two objects rubbing together (friction).it also occurs within something such as

A pot.convection is the transfer of the flow of a liquid or gas. Radiation is the transfer of heat through space.

💗expand contract💓

Atoms expand when heated. And contracts when cooled.when atoms expand the particles become farther apart and collide a lot ,but vice versa for when atoms are cold☀️❄️

Two examples of Heat energy 🌞

The sun is a source of heat energy .magma is one too ,magma is used to melt precious metals and other things.

Light energy

Light is a form of energy. Light travels to earth from the sun. Two other sources are fire and light bulbs.

Light and spectrum🌈

all light is made of waves this is described using wavelengths.red light has the longest wavelength. Violet has the shortest. Spectrum is a range of light waves with different wavelengths energies. The six colors that make up white light are called the visible spectrum beacause they are light waves we can see.

How does light travel🌈🌠

A shadow forms when light is blocked.the light strikes the object but can't pass through. A shadow takes the shape of whatever is blocking the light. Shadows show that light travels in strait lines ,or rays. Light spreads out from a source in all directions. However light can't bend around things. It can't spread and fill in a shadow.


Transparent -let's all light through.translucient-lets some light through.opaque-lets no light through.absorbing-taking in light.reflecting-light bonces off an object.refracting-the bending of light.