about Patty's Successful Transition to High School

As we discussed on the phone, we want to hold a meeting to talk about Patty's successful transition to high school.

What is the objective of a transition meeting?

We want you to know about all supports available to you in helping Patty have a sucessful transition to high school.

We also want to hear your ideas of what Patty needs.

Transition Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 6:15pm

the School

Who will assist with the transition?

So far, Classroom teachers, Special Education teachers, Education Assistants have been consulted about this transition

These people will continue to be involved.

The transition meeting will include a few of these people. Those not in attendence have been consulted.

What to think about between now and then

  1. You can help us at this stage by thinking of various people who could help with Patty's transition. Who are the people at school that Patty knows well? Who are the people in Patty's life who will be supporting her when she attends her new school. We would like to invite them to this transition meeting.

  2. At school we have been consulting about Patty's transition.

  3. The transition section of her IEP is written and will be presented at the meeting

  4. An example of items included in the transition plan is: a visit to the school so that Patty can see where she will be and what to expect