The Constitution

Savannah Dwiggins Block 4

What Branch that Article 1 deals with-

Article 1 in the Constitution deals with the Legislative branch.

Qualifications of Congressmen and job expectations-

Representatives must be 25 years old, citizens of the US for 7 years, and residents of the state they represent. The number of representatives from each state depends on the states population.

Senators must be at least 30 years old and they must have been citizens of the US for at least 9 years.

Meeting times of Congress-

In 1842 Congress required members of the House to be elected from districts in states having more than one representative rather than at large. In 1845 it set the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November as the day for selecting presidential electors.

Powers granted to them-

The powers granted are-




naturalization and bankruptcy



post office

copyrights and patents



declare war



rules for armed forces


national guard

nationals capital

elastic clause

Rules of Congress-

Each house sets its own rules, can punish it's members for disorderly behavior, and can expel a member by two-thirds vote.

How a bill becomes a law-

A bill may become a law only by passing both houses of congress and by being signed by the president. If the president disapproves, or vetoes the bill, it is returned to the house where it originated, along with a written statement of the president's objections.