World War II

UbD Presentation

Essential Questions:

  • What caused WWII?
  • How would the world have been different if there was no Hitler?
  • What was the United States' stand at the beginning of WWII and why did it change?
  • How did life in the United States change during WWII?

Enduring Understandings:

  • Decisions made by individuals can impact millions of lives.
  • Propaganda played a pivotal role in influencing citizens.
  • Although there were many countries involved in WWII, there were 2 groups formed that fought against one another.

Assessment Evidence:

  • Participation in classroom discussions.
  • Reflections on daily lessons.
  • Write journal entries from perspective of a Jewish person, a person living in US during WWII, and a Japanese civilian during the atomic bombs.
  • Vocabulary quiz.
  • Interview questions for WWII veteran.
  • Create propaganda poster or write a 30 second WWII ad.
  • Achievement Test
  • Live Narrated Timeline

Ways to Include WWII in ELA:

  • Read aloud "Number the Stars," and students write daily reflection.
  • Students will recite President Roosevelt's speech.
  • Students will do a daily grammar exercise editing sentences about WWII.

Instructional Strategies:

  • Multiple instructional strategies: videos, textbook & related readings, speech, talk with a WWII veteran.