The Fault in our Stars

By John Green Created by Gracie Flora block 3


Hazel Grace: Hazel Grace has cancer, in her lungs, and she has to carry around an oxygen tank wherever she goes. She is very strong and courageous. She has an attitude, but I can totally see why. She goes to this miserable support group for cancer kids, and hates it. But, she meets Augustus there. They love each other so much. They hang out pretty much every second on the day. She is the protagonist.

Augustus: Augustus (Gus) is a very strong willed hearty kind of guy. He goes to this support group with his friend, and meets Hazel Grace. He loves her so very much. It was most definitely love at first sight. He has a prosthetic leg, because they had to cut it of. He had cancer in that leg. But, when Hazel Grace goes to the hospital, he gets a PET scan, and finds out he has cancer basically everywhere. He is very strong when he finds out, but of course in the inside he is crushed. He is the protagonist as well.

Isaac: Isaac is a emotionally unstable person. But, he had cancer in his eyes, got one removed, and then ended up going blind. He was very very unhappy, because his girlfriend dumped him, right before his surgery. Then, he went blind. he was super sad and angry for a little while. But, after Augustus died, he was very supportive to Hazel Grace. They played video games and talked for a while. Isaac may not have had his eyesight, but he could see far.


I think the theme is that even though there have been tragedies, you still need to hold your head up high. I came to understand the theme by reading after Augustus died, and their entire story, and realized that life moves on. And when loved ones pass away, you still need to live as though they were still alive. Isaac was supportive of Hazel Grace, even though her love of her life passed away, and somehow she moved on. Sort of. Isaac, after he lost his eyesight and his girlfriend, he recovered after some months. When Augustus got diagnosed with cancer, his family, Hazel Grace, and Isaac helped him walk, even when he couldn't stand. They were with him until the very end.


The setting of The Fault in our Stars is in Indiana. The effect it has on Hazel Grace, Augustus, and Isaac is that the weather always effects what they are wearing. It's always very cloudy and humid. Hazel Grace and Augustus went to Amsterdam in the Netherlands as Augustus's Wish. It effected them two because after that, they realize that they love each other so very much. It was like paradise for them two. In Indiana, that's where all of the hospital stuff happens. Isaac goes blind, Hazel Grace almost dies, and Augustus gets a PET scan and finds out that he has cancer everywhere. Literally everywhere.


There was one object that symbolized something much much greater than words. It was Okay? Okay. Those two words basically meant, we will love each other always. It symbolized love at it's finest. It was your Romeo and Juliet, but with out so much drama. It was loving each other forever ever and ever, even if one of us past away.

Book recommendation

I loved this book. I would so rate it five stars in a heartbeat. This book was so full of love, courage, and strength. I would recommend this book to everyone. It's just so passionate and understanding. It makes you understand what some people are going through their entire lives.