Daniel Webster

An Excellent and Effective Speaker


Daniel Webster would soon grow up to be an intelligent politician and lawyer, but he started at humble beginnings. He studied at Dartmouth College to be a lawyer. His first job was as an apprentice to a lawyer. While he was a lawyer, he was also a public speaker, spreading his political ideas throughout the states. As Webster becamse more famous, he argued more serious cases. He was a lawyer for very famous court cases such as Gibbons vs Ogden.

As a Politician

As secretary of state (1841-1843, 1850-1852), Webster earned a reputation as one of the greatest ever to hold the office. His most notable achievement was the negotiation of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, which settled a long-standing dispute over the Maine and New Brunswick boundary and ended a threat of war between Great Britain and the United States.

There is always room at the top. -Daniel Webster

As a Federalist Leader

Webster shared his ideas of federalism with many people. Federalism gives the government more power. As Webster was orating about federalism, he became a key leader it the federalist party. He became a well known politician as well as a lawyer, and even became one of the president's helpers. Webster influenced us all.