The Daphne Daily

By: Sasha Gibbs 3rd period

Scrooge? Changed his Ways?

Sasha; Mr.Scrooge, you were once known as "a squeezing,wrenching,gasping,scraping,clutching,covetous old sinner!" How would you describe yourself now? What would you say caused this change?

Scrooge; Yes, Yes ,Yes but the past is behind me I am a new and improved person! I would describe myself as a humble, new and kind man. The spirits really changed me they guided me and gave me a warning what was to come and to that I owe the spirits a Thank you! Thank you spirits!

Sasha; What was most important to you in the past? What is most important to you now?

Scrooge;Money, money was everything to me it was very addictive to know that I had so much money I just thought that I always had to have it. Now I would say family and friends now I see that money is not my family or friend. Yes money is nice to have but it can't give you a hug when you've had a rough day, or cook you dinner,or be there for you when you need them.

Sasha; What is your deepest regret of the past? What is that such a cause of regret?

Scrooge; Deepest regret you say, well … loosing my wife.

Sasha; I am sorry she passed.

Scrooge; No I meant getting a divorce. I lost her because I fell in love with money.

Sasha; what would you do to change that?

Scrooge; I wish I could go back in time and marry her for real.

Sasha; Since you have changed which deed is important to you and why?

Scrooge; Being humble and changing my ways. That deed is important because it reminds me to be the good , show the way, and lend a hand.

Sasha; How has becoming a philanthropist affected the way you feel about others? how has it changed you?

Scrooge; It makes me feel great that I have done something good that will help benefit someone who does not have what I have. It really has changed me because now I know it is okay to donate things and money to charity or help someone who may not have things you do.

Sasha; What advice would you give to others based on your personal experience?

Scrooge; My advice ….. Be THE GOOD … SHOW THE WAY…. LEND A HAND!

Sasha; How would you like to be remembered ? In fact what would you want your epitaph to read?

Scrooge; I want it to say that I was a cold man who changed his ways for the better good.

Sasha; Mr. Scrooge Merry Christmas!

Scrooge; Merry Christmas to you too!