Stuart's Paintballing Centre

An experience to remember.


Adult entry-£15

Child entry-£10

Family entry (2 adults and 2 children)-£45

Paintball prices:

100 paintballs-£6

200 paintballs-£9

300 paintballs-£12

400 paintballs-£15

500 paintballs-£17

Additional equipment and offers

Upgraded paintball gun-£4 extra per hour

Extra game defenses (ask for further details)- Prices vary between £5-£15


  • Full day at the paintballing centre for a group of 20 people, including 300 paint balls each and entry for each person- £350

(however the price will vary due to the age group)

If you are wanting less or more than 20 in a group for a party/event please contact us and we will give you the best possible price we can. Any extra equipment will be normal price

  • Occasionally we hold different events at the paintballing centre aimed at a variety of age groups and themes, keep a eye out on are website for the next event.