whats in a cigarette

How to make one. A DIY tutorial

Step one the basics

1st, obviously your going to need to get tobacco leaves.

Step two those lovely chemicals

Well your going to need those amazing life threatening chemicals so go to your kitchen and get your classic house hold toxins such as,



Carbon monoxide



And other elements that sound like something used to make a bomb

Step three put it together

Well now that you have your toxic substances contained you need to roll it,

First get your deadly tobacco mixture from before and add some saw dust because we really want that burning element. Next get your little orange filter remember not to smoke that because it will have minor affects of things from nausea and death.


All 4,000+ chemicals in cigarettes added with the 43 known carcinogens are very dangerous and are used partly in bombs, paint, windex, and antifreeze. ALL references in this DIY parody are ironic/ sarcastic and should not be recreated. Cigarettes DO contain deadly chemicals and will hurt you
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