Henry Arnold

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Arnold was born June 25, 1886 in Gladwyne Pennsylvania. He died on January 15, 1950.
Arnold was married to Bee and they had four children one girl and three boys, but the first time she was pregnant she miscarried. Their children are Lois Elizabeth Arnold, Henry Harley Arnold Jr., William Bruce Arnold, and David Lee Arnold. Arnold rarely ever saw his family he was always away on army duty going from one country to another.

Fighting for and significants

Henry Arnold fought in the war for the United States becoming general of the army and later general of air forces.

Arnold was a great general who cared about the life and death of soldiers. Using army skills he lead his troops to many battles in world war one and two.

Arnold died at his home, his health condition was not the best he had four heart attacks in the course of three years.

Interesting Facts

Most people call Arnold Hap which is short for happy because he was always smiling.

Arnold was promoted to a general with five stars on December 1944.

When Arnold attended school they named an athletics field after him in lower Merion.