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Exemplar Smores Explained

Lake Highlands High School used Smore for their New Teacher Orientation. This is a great example of how Smore acts as an efficient tool for communication, as it allows for you to put all of the information and resources, in varying formats, in the same place. Another great example of using Smore is this high school's announcement for their choir auditions. Simple and to-the-point flyers are effective.

The STEM Academy at Northwest High School used Smore to create and distribute their newsletter. For this assignment, their Smore newsletter acted as the students' assessment and their final product. This is a great way for the students to both employ technology and connect to a global audience. Using Google Analytics, creators can easily see and monitor visits to their flyer. As a teacher this is a great way to monitor how many of your students and parents are engaging with your newsletter.

The number of educators using Smore to share out information, specifically numerous technological resources, is growing. Through the Smore website, you can find others' flyers and can add a plethora of resources to your teacher toolkit.

List of Features:

  • Easy to Use: With predetermined features, Smore makes it so easy to simply click on the '+' button and select the format that works for your purposes. Once you've input those features, they are easy to edit and to reorganize or redesign.
  • Variety in Formats: Smore allows you to put titles and text, photos and galleries, buttons and hyperlinks, videos and audio, forms and comments, maps and events, and biographies all in one place.
  • Sharing and Links: Not only can you send your Smore to an email list you've imported, but it always provides you with a short URL so that you can quickly tell students to hop on your publication!
  • HTML5 Capabilities: This means that anyone can pull up your Smore on their iPhone or other devices and it will remain intact and well formatted.
  • Free Google Analytics: This allows you to monitor how many people are seeing your publications, where they are in the world, and how people are accessing your publications.

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Weebly uses the same "drag and drop", minimalist approach as Smore, but allows you to create an entire website. This website also allows for more customized outcomes, such as columns, photo captions, and multiple pages.

STEM Newsletter Weebly Site

My students and I created this website using Weebly when they felt limited by Smore's capabilities. We were able to create a more organized newsletter which better suited the needs of both the students creating the newsletter and the readers engaging with the newsletter. Lastly, since Weebly is a website it allows you to manage and store all of your newsletters in the same place so that readers are able to view past newsletters too.

Piktochart allows you to make reports, infographics, banners, flyers, posters and presentations with ease. This is the ideal tool for trying to present data and numbers using images.

Inforgraphics and Posters

Piktocharts is a great educational tool that provides easy-to-use, existing templates to get you started. Creating flyers, infographics, presentations, etc. is rather easy on this site.

This is a Piktochart that I found on their website that illustrates the common uses of the Apostrophe. It's simplistic, well-designed, and informative.

Today's Presenter: Kylie Lloyd

I teach Pre-A/P English II and III in the STEM Academy at Northwest High School.