Theta Phi Alpha Beta Gamma News

March 2014

Recent events!

Hello lovely ladies of Beta Gamma, March was filled with many exciting events! The month consisted of the New Members getting their Big Sisters, and Our Sapphire Man Competition. Our Sapphire Man Competition took place March 31st through April 4th, Philanthropy Chair Lex Banner did a wonderful job with planning events for the men competing for the title. Our trivia event raised $133 alone, but over all Beta Gamma and the potential Sapphire Men raised $852 to be donated to the American Heart Association. Our Red Dress Party was held on April 4th.

The Beta Beta's and Their Big Sisters!

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The Families Have Grown!

Row 1 & 2: Big Rachel Listman Little Alicia Fiduccia(Good Apples), Big Ashley DeSimone Little Melissa Huskey(Good Apples), Big Alissa Ricci Little Kristen Vineis(Good Apples), Big Jeannie Lapinsky-Barker Little Alessandra Massa(Good Apples), Big Bea Jennings Little Kim Idrobo(Good Apples), Big Jess Cruz Little Nicole Wilson(Hot Apples), Big Meagan Montesano Little Val Harris(Pineapple).

Row 3 & 4: Big Amy Defnet Little Alex Mueller(Heart), Big Jamie Mulroony Little Allison Falkenstern(Heart), Big Christine Peskosky Little Latonya Stevenson(Pineapple), Big Michelle Bernabeo Little Pamela Shapiro(Classy & Fabulous), Big Cynthia Mach Little Samantha Chessney(Bad Apples).

Row 5 & 6: Big Amanda Spence Little Christina Perrone(Classy & Fabulous), Big Bri Costello Little Megan Gelnick(Pink).

Meet Our 2014 Sapphire Man

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Danny Ruvolo

Danny is a brother of Alpha Kappa Lambda. He's a sophomore biology major. His hobbies include reading romance novels, long walks on the beach, warm bubble baths & hanging out with the beautiful ladies of Theta Phi Alpha. He would like to be Sapphire Man because he has always felt welcomed & confided in the sisters of Theta Phi Alpha since his freshman year. He has learned that “nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring” from sisters, which he now reminds himself of when times get rough

Danny placed first in both Penguin in the Snow and the Trivia Competition. He collected 46 sister hearts, and raised $106 in his change jar throughout the week!

Alumnae Night

Wednesday, April 16th, 8:30pm

285 Madison Ave

Madison, NJ

Come meet and speak with the New Members before they become initiated sisters of Theta Phi Alpha Beta Gamma. Manison Room TBA

Semi Formal

Friday, May 2nd, 6:30pm

175 Park Ave

Florham Park, NJ

Please let me know by APRIL 13th if you would like to attend Semi Formal. Tickets are $38 per person!

Founders Day

Sunday, May 4th, 11am

Fairleigh Dickinson University: Lenfell Hall

Founders Day will be held in Lenfell Hall. Price TBA.

Save the Dates!

Greek Week April 21st to 27th.

Alumnae BBQ April 26TH following Greek Week Events.