K-1 Coaching

April 2016

How can I support you in meeting the needs of your students?

My goal as a coach is to improve student learning by supporting YOU!

I'd love to support you by modeling lessons, co-teaching, and/or being a thinking partner. I am also available to do observations to provide you with the specific feedback you desire.

Let's collaborate to make your wishes come true!

Are you interested in learning more about or trying...

The Seesaw app with your students?

I'd love to tell you more about this student friendly, free app for tablets, and work with students in your classroom using the Seesaw app. It's great for publishing student work, and sooooo much more!


CHAMPS is designed to help you fine tune classroom management. It is a proactive, positive and instructional approach that aligns with PBIS!

Co-teaching Wonders?

We can set up a schedule to co-teach on a specific day and time on a weekly basis.

a specifc instructional technique or topic

I can read, research and takes notes on the technique or topic of your choice, then summarize what is most important to provide you with the essential information.