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Teens and Tech: The New Landscape

Technology is creating a lot of areas for concerns. However, it is also creating incredible opportunities. One important challenge is learning how to protect kids from the pitfalls of technology, while still allowing them to take advantage of these powerful new tools.

Watch this short video and reflect on your role in the teen/tech world.

How much screen time is OK for my kids?

In a growing digital world, this is becoming a growing concern. Using digital devices is becoming more and more common and research is being conducted all of the time to measure the effects of screen time. Read the latest on this topic form Common Sense Media.
5 Tips for Dealing with Haters and Trolls

Creating Screen Names and Strong Passwords

When the list of most common passwords comes out each year, it is still surprising to see that the most common passwords continue to be things like, Password and 123456. Creating appropriate screen names for profiles and strong passwords is an important skill to teach kids when they are young. Let's face it, usernames and passwords are a reality of life these days. Let Common Sense Media teach you some tips regarding username and password creating.

If you ever feel your student's username or password for a school account has been compromised, have them contact Jennifer Ridgeway or any of the Media Center assistants.

5 Internet Safety Tips for Kids

What's New In School?

Coding Club

This past week students at Litchfield Middle School started participating in Dragon Coding Club. This club is designed to give students an opportunity to dig deeper into computer science and learn more advanced concepts of computer programming. The students are working at their own pace through a series of lessons from online coding curriculum provided by It will be exciting to see what these student go on to create!

First Robotics

The Litchfield High School FIrst Robotics team is busy building and programming their robot for this year's annual competition. The theme this year takes the team back to Medieval Ages and challenges the students to design a robot that can siege and capture their opponents castle. The team gets hands-on experience with robotic design, fabrication, and computer programming. The Dragons are looking to building on the success of previous years to take them to the next level this year. Check out the video below to see what this year's challenge looks like.

The regional competition is March 4th-5th in Duluth, MN. You can watch live at The Litchfield Dragons are team #3755. Go Dragons!


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