William Shakespeare

Born April 23,1564- Died April 23,1616

Who was William Shakespeare?

  • Education: Kings New School
  • Shakespeare great English playwrighter, poet and actor.
  • He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets. His best play out of the 37 was Hamlet.
  • His early work was mostly histories written in early 1565 vs. his late work in 1600's was more of dark and tragedies.
  • He also wrote several comedies

Shakespeare's Personal Life?

When William,16 years old, married Anna Hathaway, 23 years old, on November 28, 1582. In 1583 they had a daughter named Susanna. Than not long after they had Twins, Hamney and Jodith in 1585. Judith Died at a very young age of 11, the cause of his death being unknown. But after the twins were born there is 7 years of no records of W.S being found any where. This disappearance is known as his "Lost Years".

Though we do know Anna and William were not a close couple, but when W.S died he bequeathed mostly everything to his daughters and the second-best bed to his wife. At that time of age it was an great to have that be left to someone