The Trojan Horse that messed with your heart.


A virus that infected over 45 million computers and has caused $10 billion dollars of damage, the ILOVEYOU virus was downloaded onto the computer by an email. But how was this one virus so effective while others that were downloaded by email not. Well, the ILOVEYOU virus email was titled as a love letter. Moronic singles who were desperate for love clicked open the email, just to be crushed by the harshness of the virus.

What does it do?

Once the virus is downloaded onto the victim's computer, the virus re-sends itself to everyone on the computer's email list, deletes every JPEG, MP3, and certain other files on the user's hard disk.

Creator of the Virus

It is still not clear on who created the virus or why they created it, however these are the three prime suspects who seem guilty of this crime.

Can't I just block all emails with the subject: ILOVEYOU?

No, because after that, Copycats began to appear with different subjects lines. Some examples include : JOKE, VIRUS ALERT!!! or MOTHER'S DAY! There has been at least 12 identified.

How was it stopped?

It wasn't. It's still an ongoing virus, however now that it's widely known, many virus preventing software is able to detect the ILOVEYOU virus.

How do I avoid it?

Update your virus preventing software and beware of emails.